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Frequently Asked Question's

What is Uni-com Smart Suraksha?

It is a comprehensive product ensuring complete safety and security of your smartphone.

What cover is provided by Unicom Smart Surakhsa?
  1. It provide Hardware protection:
  2. Insurance against
    • Physical Damage
    • Liquid Damage and
    • Theft and Burglary
  3. Software Protection
    • Anti Virus
    • Spam guard
    • Anti-Theft and
    • Various Apps to secure Phone Data
Unicom Smart Suraksha is applicable on which product?

It is applicable only on purchase of brand new Handset and Tablets with "Voice Call" only for a period of 12 months from the data of activation of App/Insurance.
Please refer to Policy document for complete Terms and Conditions.

Insurance is done on which value?

It is done on the Invoice value of your phone.

Can I purchase Unicom Smart Surakhsa on my old Handset?

No, Unicom Smart Suraksha Cover is for brand new purchase only.

What are the after benefits that I shall get from Unicom Smart Suraksha Cover?

Free Anti Virus
Many new apps
Cashless repair of your handset through vast service station network
Complete peace of mind in a total economical range

What risks are not covered?

As in T & C of Insurance Leaflet.

What is Excess?

Excess is main value which shall be deducted in each and every claim. Excess is 10 % of the Claim value, or 1500 Rs, whichever is higher.

What is Claim Procedure in case of total loss?

Claim Procedure is in Insurance Leaflet.

What is claim procedure in case of Repair?

Claim Procedure is in Insurance Leaflet.

Is the Insurance policy cancellable or transferable?