Claim Handling & Settlement

The Claim Process is easier, hassle free and reasonable time bound. It ensures full support to you in hour of need when you are facing difficulty owing to loss/damage of your Mobile handset. Claim documents can be downloaded while sitting at your home from website and Service network is continuously reaching every nook and corner of the Punjab & Chandigarh territory to help you out for Cashless Repairs.

The following shall be the Process Flow of Claim Handling & Settlement Procedure in case of Handset Repair at Authorized Service Station:


Step 2

Mobile handset get damaged and needs repair, No need to WORRY……


Step 2

Visit the nearest Authorised Service Centre.


Step 3

Service Centre shall check the phone and prepare an Estimate/ Job sheet for the damage.


Step 4

Share the Estimate / Job sheet and all the other required documents with Uni-Com India Pvt. Ltd. Through Mail or Whatsapp


Step 5

Uni-Com team will revert with the Approval/ Disapproval within 2 working day to the Service Centre as well as Client for Cashless Service.


Step 6

Once Approved, Service Centre will go ahead with the repair.


Step 7

Post repair, Service Centre will send the final bill along with the Discharge voucher to Uni-Com India Pvt. Ltd. within 15 Calendar days and Uni-Com India Pvt. Ltd. will transfer the claim amount on Fortnightly/ Monthly basis in the Centre’s A/c after retaining clause depreciation


Step 8

If the repair cost exceeds the loss settlement, Centre will charge the same from the client at the time of handset delivery.


Step 9

Hence no need to worry about Bills, our Cashless Insurance takes care of your Pocket & Happiness

Download Claim related document below